Monday, January 20, 2014

To Pair or Not to Pair Your Tupperware?

Holland and I are like tupperware; only after you have filled the container with your leftover mashed potatoes do you realize the lid and bottom are not a match.  Some people will then find a "proper" pairing and repeat the job, throwing the unmatched set in the sink to get a wash, where hopefully it will be reunited with it's original fitting partner at some point in the tupperware drawer.  While others may out of dismay grab the plastic wrap or aluminum foil and make a lid to the best of their abilities but it never fits like it should.  The plastic wrap never sticks and the aluminum foil either molds incorrectly teeter tottering from corner to corner or flat out breaks.  It's often a disaster.  But, regardless of your chosen method of treatment my question to all of you is still simple, Do those rogue lids and bottoms really ever find a home?

To say my relationship with Holland has been "a little slow on the uptake" would be an understatement.  I will have lived here for 2 years at the end of February and I haven't written a blog in about a year and a half, not to mention the indoor rather NON-Californian (or Parisian for that matter) lifestyle I have adopted based on many factors which will potentially pop up in the future of this blog with a genuine food twist.  It's just difficult living your life feeling like your lid is missing or your contents are in the wrong bottom.  So how does one cope?  That is the question, and THAT is what I hope to explore...


  1. I feel exactly the same. I am an Australian and have lived in Holland (in The Hague) for 5 years now. When people ask me how I like it here I always say that "It's good but it's not great". It's hard to pinpoint anything that's actually wrong, or bad, about living here, but just like you describe, I feel like Holland and I don't quite "fit"

  2. Welcome back Campbell! You were missed. I am sure you will find your lid

  3. When my little family and I moved to Portland in 2011, it was with the best of intentions, but we lasted only one year because I just could not adjust to living there. My heart goes out to you. Looking forward to your blog, I've missed it!

  4. I thoroughly enjoy reading
    these comments! When one "blogs" it's almost as if you are communicating with the universe and wondering if it will respond or echo what you have just communicated......I am truly pleased that people feel a similarity to what I feel and even more love hearing I was missed! To a new start, some laughs and good food!